Supply Options

Note to parents: If your school uniform is held out for sale on our website, your school has chosen us to supply parents directly with a mail order service.

Mail Order Directly to Parents' Homes
We liaise with Schools to service parents with a stock service for generic and school-specific uniform and sportswear. Parents purchase online and we dispatch to their homes within 72-hours! Online prices are variable, as Schools choose their own level of commission on turnover.

72-hour Stock Service
Keener prices than online ordering. Schools market their school uniform in-house and immediately see a return, without needing to maintain a large dedicated area to store stock, nor a significant investment in stock. We both fund and store decorated uniform, so Schools need only keep minimal stocks. We dispatch small hand-to-mouth orders to Schools within 72-hours of receipt of order.
Best prices! Schools stock their uniform and sportswear in-house and supply parents directly within the school. For large senior schools and new Academies we may supply, free of charge, a team of Staff, electronic cash registers & carrier bags to assist with reselling uniform at organised school events when there are large volumes of sales.

All our school clients enjoy a tailor-made service to suit them, because we know that every school is different, with unique needs.
Free, unlimited on-site consultation
Free uniform design graphics - ideal for intranet ballots and publications