This form is to be completed only if you've had pre-approval by the school. Please complete one request form per student.

You will only be able to request the free items you are entitled to and any other items you require will need to be ordered through the usual ordering process

Please note credit allowance on orders above the specified value will require a phone call to obtain payment for the additional cost.

Delivery Details:

Plume Pupil Premium Request Form

Plume School Boys Blazer:


Plume School Girls Blazer:

Navy V-Neck School Jumper:

Boys White Twin Pack Short Sleeve Shirts:

Boys White Twin Pack Long Sleeve Shirts:

Girls White Twin Pack Short Sleeve Blouses:

Girls White Twin Pack Long Sleeve Blouses:

Plume School Tie:

Plume School Year 11 Tie:

Grey David Luke Boys Flat Front Trouser:

Grey David Luke Boys Slim Leg Trouser:

Grey David Luke Boys Sturdy Fit Trouser:

Girls Trutex Graphite Slim Leg Trouser:

Senior Two Pocket Pleat Graphite Skirt:

Unisex 3 Pack Black School Socks:

Plume School Unisex Year 7-9 Sports Polo Shirt:

Plume School  Year 7-9 Girls fitted Sports Polo Shirt:

Plume School Unisex Year 10 - 11 Sports Polo Shirt:

Plume School Unisex Year 10 - 11 Sports Polo Shirt:

Navy Long Leg Short

Plume School Base Layer

Plume School Girls Sports Top:

Plume School Long Sleeve Sports Jersey:

Plume School Navy Sports Legging:

25 IRON ON Printed Name Tapes:

Plume School Sports Socks:

Gum shield:

Shin Pads:

Boys Grey Bermuda Shorts:

Delivery Method:

If the order value is over £50+VAT you will be entitled to free 2nd class delivery.

This information will be authorised and shared with the school. Your details will be checked against the school database and we will contact you with the status of your request. If you have any queries please contact our customer support using the contact us page.

Please be aware that if you request the incorrect size, you will be required to pay the return postage.