About Us

Back in 1992, we were a small, enthusiastic team with an extensive knowledge of Schoolwear retailing, trying to break into the direct-to-school market. We used our experience in the trade to source the best all-round-value uniforms and sportswear. We steadily built up a customer base of schools that were won over by our combination of quality products and reasonable prices.
Our philosophy remains unaltered today; we still believe in supplying school clothing products at discounted prices. In keeping an eye on prices, our products allow schools to upgrade the look of their uniform, whilst saving parents money through avoiding the premium of specialist retailers’ prices.
We believe that more than just quality and value-for-money, schools need the support of a first-class service when offering uniform to their parents.
We understand that schools have other areas to focus on and yet they know that by taking some control for the uniform supply in their schools, they can protect their parents from the paying too much money or receiving too little in return.
Our aim is to work with schools and academies to offer appealing, school-specific uniform and sportswear that enhance their ‘corporate’ image at reasonable prices, with as much or as little, hands-on intervention as is practical.